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‘Right to health and information left up in the air as high court denies call for mass testing’

“We cannot accept the Court’s reasoning that it is barred from compelling the executive to protect the people’s right to health ‘in a certain way or to a certain degree’ and ‘no matter how dire the emergency’ when it is obvious that the current response is a huge failure and places our people’s health and safety in peril.”

A problematic science behind COVID-19 vaccines

Our country, with the myriad of problems in our healthcare system even before the pandemic, is simply not equipped to adequately deal with the possible harmful effects of these clinical trials on its Filipino participants. Alongside the questionable small-scale trials of the vaccine leading up to this point and the speed at which these trials were conducted (vaccines typically take years to develop), we have all the reasons not to participate, yet here we are, once again knocking on the door of quite probably another bad decision.

Who is the real “pasaway”?

While the Duterte administration has implemented a two-week stricter lockdown, other legitimate demands raised by medical experts have been largely ignored. It must be pointed out that many of the recommendations have been articulated by several health NGOs since day 1 but, unfortunately, these have fallen on deaf ears.

‘Without policy change, stricter lockdown will fail in curbing COVID-19’

With over a hundred thousand positive COVID-19 cases, the Philippines has reverted Metro Manila and neighboring provinces to a stricter lockdown for the next two weeks but critics say that without changes to the government’s pandemic control strategies, this would be useless.

Health workers mourn death of colleague who died of COVID-19

Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) union members in private and public hospitals lit a candle for Judyn Bonn Suerte, a union leader from the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRRMMC) who succumbed to the virus on July 31。 By ANNE MARXZE D。 UMIL Bulatlat。com (UPDATED: Aug。 3, 2020, 6:16 p。m。) MANILA – Members of health union…