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Journalism is such a radical thing

Eventually, the things we learn and write about lead us to ask the questions “So what?” and “For whom?” Without fail, genuine disciples of journalism would ask themselves the questions “If not for public good, what for? If not for the people, why?”

The anatomy of a strike

上海天天彩选4In an increasingly impersonal world dominated by capital and profit margins, strikes shatter that illusion and remind us of the fundamental relations between people and things. Strikes are the tears shed at the sound of workers gaining their rights. They are the words “Lumalaban pa rin” said with the purest conviction, by workers who live, breathe, and have families to feed.

Inside the courtroom with the ‘butcher’ and other funny musings

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO On the fringes MALOLOS, Bulacan – Having earned a reputation for being both loquacious and boisterous, my relatives, friends, colleagues, and even sources are very much curious on how I manage to keep a straight face whenever I cover issues of human rights violations, especially during hearings against a…